Multifarmer MF34.7CS


With the development of the Multifarmer range, Merlo pioneered the concept of a telehandler coupled with three-point linkage and two-speed rear mechanically-driven PTO.

Power Farming Merlo product manager Ken Bill, who has represented Merlo in NZ now for the past 20 years, says Merlo first introduced the Multifarmer telehandler-tractor hybrid concept back in 1998, and the first one was sold in New Zealand in 2002.

In July this year, the latest model in the Multifarmer range will arrive in New Zealand. It is the Multifarmer MF34.7CS, which will be available with two transmission options a standard two-speed transmission and the new CVTronic constantly variable transmission on request.

Ken says this model features a new Deutz four-cylinder, 3.6-litre engine that uses Ad Blue to meet Tier 4 emissions standards.

"The engine on the MF 34.7CS delivers 136 hp and it is managed by an EPD hydrostatic system that cuts fuel consumption and allows the operator to manage all telescopic boom and tractor operations efficiently."

Features that make the Multifarmer as much a tractor as a telehandler are its two-speed PTO (540 or 1000 rpm), a three­point linkage, rear spool valves and rear tow hitch. The auto accelerating electronic joystick with direction control allows the operator to control the powerful hydraulic system with ease and precision.

A mobile power unit ensures that the Multifarmer is a versatile machine that is capable of per­forming all kinds of tasks-from handling to carrying attachments or towing implements activated by PTO.

"With these latest models, Merlo is pushing the limits of the Multifarmer concept even fur­ther. In addition to the traditional uses of a telehandler in handling bales and doing a wide range of other tasks, the new Multifarmer can be used for towing, thanks to the D3 towing hook type, rear towing capacity of more than 24 tonne, and optional pneumatic or hydraulic trailer braking system.

"The new MF34.7 has a 7m boom. It will be the perfect replacement Multifarmer for all those owners who now run MF30.6 telehandlers that were sold in New Zealand between 2002 and 2016."

The MF 34.7 has a maximum lift height of 6.8m with maximum reach capacity of 3.4 tonne. It has a maximum reach of 3.8m and max reach capacity of 1.5 tonne. Like any true Multifarmer, the new MF 34.7CS Series machines will be equipped with cabin sus­pension, boom suspension, rear auxiliary remotes, and rear' link­age with remote manual lever.

Standard wheels are 460/70R24. Farmers and contractors who specify the CVTronic hydrostatic transmission on the MF 34.7CS will get a transmission that makes it easy to do precise oper­ations and accelerate smoothly during transport from zero to 40 kph without making a range change.

The CVTronic uses two hydro­static motors driven by an elec­tronically-controlled hydraulic pump.

At low speeds, they work together to provide maximum torque. During transport, one of the hydrostatic engines automat­ically disengages from the con­trol system and the oil from the pump powers the main hydro­static engine so the Multifarmer can achieve fast road speeds up to 40 kph.

Retrieved from Rural Contractor July 2019